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For the best entertainment experience possible with your SmartBox, be entertained with nostalgic video games, or games that work on the platforms mentioned below, with the SmartBox Ultimate Video Game Controller! Stand out from the crowd and attach your smartphone! 


This is a controller like none other, be prepared to be amazed! You'll have people begging you to borrow it. This is the definitive product for truly memorable gaming sessions. 

Working Platforms: Android / Windows PC / Steam / PS3


Working Mode: Android Standard / Mouse Simulation / X-input / D input / PS3


Connection Types: Bluetooth / 2.4GHz dongle / Wired


Charging Time: 2-3H


Working Distance: Approx.8m


Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0


Battery Life: 18H


Battery Capacity: 600mAh


Charging Voltage: 3.7V~5.2V


Charging Current: 1A~2A


Working Current: Approx.66mAh


Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 65℃


Working Humidity: 20%~80%


Gift Box Size(mm.): 187*82*135


Gross Weight(g.): 469g

SmartBox Ultimate Video Game Controller


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